B.S. Computer Science, Concentration in Asian American Studies

Harvey Mudd College

Senior Capstone Project: Dynamic Website Updating, sponsored by GoDaddy, Inc.

  • Dean's List
  • Outstanding Computer Science Clinic Team
August 2013 - May 2017
Claremont, CA


MyCS: Middle-Years Computer Science

Harvey Mudd College
Advisor: Zachary Dodds
  • Designed a CS curriculum in fundamentals such as algorithms and programs for elementary and middle school students
  • Area: CS pedagogy and outreach; focused on Arduino curriculum and CS fundamentals
  • Outreached and held workshops for various school teachers in Waimea, HI and Pomona, CA
May 2015 - September 2015
Waimea, HI & Claremont, CA


MyCS at 5: Assessing a Middle-years CS Curriculum

B. Castro, T. Diaz, M. Gee, R. Justice, D. Kwan, P. Seshadri, Z. Dodds

This paper shares the five-year development and deployment of MyCS, a CS curriculum for “middle-years students,” roughly in US grades 4-10. By tracing MyCS's assessment and evolution, this work highlights how two districts used a middle-years CS foothold from which to establish deeper, district-wide changes in identity.

  • Accepted at SIGSCE 2016
March 2016


Twitch Developer Day

Invited Attendee
October 2018
San Jose, CA

Connect.Tech Engineering Conference

October 2018
Atlanta, GA

Special Interest Group for Computer Science Education


Talk: MyCS at 5: Assessing a Middle-years CS Curriculum

March 2016
Memphis, TN

2015 MyCS Workshop


A week-long professional-development workshop for 32 middle-years teachers from the Pomona Unified School District and surrounding areas.

July 2015
Pomona, CA

2015 MyCS Workshop


A week-long professional-development workshop for 12 middle- and elementary-school teachers largely from the Kauai Unified School District; some were also from private schools on that island.

June 2015
Waimea, HI

Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing

February 2015
Boston, MA


Software Engineer III - Full-Stack, Mobile

Full-Stack Engineer
  • Spearheaded an entire developer console React application from scratch for company's OAuth 2.0 and API server
  • Led and decided all UX decisions and processes, backed with research, mockups and prototypes
  • Wrote ASP.NET service layer connecting React frontend with OAuth server backend
  • Maintain end-to-end UI tests with Cypress, and API tests with Visual Studio Unit Testing framework
Mobile Engineer
  • Develop iOS, Android, and UWP mobile applications in C# using Xamarin, focusing on full-stack
  • Lead UI-heavy feature development and technical debt / refactoring initiatives
  • Give talks on technical work, act as team’s scrum master, mentor jr. members, conduct interviews
  • Led project to revamp app UI to conform to platform/industry standards, review team UX decisions
  • Created three training modules to train new developers on UI development for our three mobile platforms
December 2017 - Present

Graphic Designer and Web Developer

The Hive Center for Creative Collaborativity
  • Facilitate design thinking workshops, outlets, and resources; inspired by Stanford's d. School
  • Create publications, prints, logos, and other designs for outreach and advertisement
  • Promote design/creativity institutions through various projects, such as motion graphics
September 2016 - May 2017

Software Developer, GoDaddy Team

Harvey Mudd Computer Science Clinic
  • Built a full-stack web application for GoDaddy, Inc's website building tool
  • Engaged in all stages of software development cycle, from mockups to implementation to testing
  • Prepared and presented talks to inform audiences about project status and challenges
  • Drafted and wrote various technical reports to sponsor for updating and institutional documentation purposes
  • Outstanding Computer Science Clinic Team 2017
August 2016 - May 2017

Tutor and Grader

Harvey Mudd College CS Department
  • Assist fellow students in introductory computer science courses and grade projects
  • Tutor kids K-12 with various math/science subjects
September 2014 - January 2017


Tech Lead and Advisor

Circle K International, CNH District Technology Committee
  • Architect and oversee major software and data science projects to be used as tools for a volunteer org
  • Projects include a mobile app (React Native), a web app (Angular/NodeJS), and a data heatmap
  • Implemented devops/QA processes such as CI/CD pipelines, bug triaging/test plans, containerizing
April 2019 - April 2021

Support Staff, Media and Technology

Lakas Filipino Mentorship Program
  • Upgrade and manage website stack and media content
  • Facilitate curriculum workshop sessions
August 2017 - Present

Club Advisor

Circle K International, Cal State Long Beach
  • Prepare and draft proposals and reports for funding and member demographics
  • Act as a resource for club officers to seek guidance
April 2019 - Present

Skills & Certifications

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer: App Builder
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate: Universal Windows Platform
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate: Web Applications


Python, C#, Java, C++, Javascript, Racket, Haskell

Mobile App

Xamarin, React Native, iOS, Android, UWP


HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, React, Node, MongoDB, Express


myBalsamiq, Invision, Sketch, User Experience Testing

Adobe Creative Suite

Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects


Leadership, Public Speaking, Management, Customer Service, Event Planning


Agile, Scrum, Git, TFS/Azure Devops


  • Accepted Publication, SIGSCE 2016
  • Dean's List, Harvey Mudd College
  • Outstanding Computer Science Clinic Team, Harvey Mudd College
  • Presidential Volunteer Service Award (Bronze), Corporation for National & Community Service
  • Distinguished President, Circle K International
  • Distinguished Club Improvement, Circle K International
  • Membership Recognition Program (Platinum), Circle K International



Tech Lead

React Native Firebase

A mobile app for service clubs to easily access event information.





A personal League of Legends Discord bot that uses the Riot API.


Dynamic Website Updating

Front-End Developer & Designer

React MongoDB Node Express

An add-on for GoDaddy's website building tool that lets users schedule temporary website announcements and cross-post them to social media.

  • Outstanding Computer Science Clinic Team



Front-End Developer & Designer


A dream diary app that helps patients suffering from nightmares.


Leadership & Activities

  • President - Claremont Colleges, Circle K International
  • District Member Recognition Committee, Circle K International
  • District Membership Development and Education Committee, Circle K International
  • Autographs Department Manager, Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation
  • Creative Director and Media Manager, Claremont Colleges Taiko Drumming Group
  • Vice President of External Affairs and Cultural Dance Choreographer, Claremont Colleges Filipinx Student Organization
  • Performing Member, Groove Nation Dance Crew